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David Hobbs

David Hobbs is an Australian SEO industry veteran of over 16 years, first starting on his SEO journey way back in 1999 before Google even existed..

Over the past 16 years David has overseen the online marketing & SEO operations of some of Western Australia's fastest growing digital marketing agencies including Webfirm (2001 to 2007), Titan Web (2010-2012), Woocom (2014-Present) which seen him work on the SEO + Adwords + Online Marketing of thousands of websites in almost every imaginable market.

With one of the highest success rates of achieving results for customers quickly without the smoke and mirrors or marketing fluff, David is proud to say that in 2015 after a years break from the industry he is BACK AT THE TOP OF HIS GAME.

Unlike other "SEO" types, David is a natural born leader when it comes to innovation and building strategies that think outside of the box that close associates have referred to him as "erratic" which he is pleased to say suits him just fine as David is ALWAYS, LOOKING FOR CHALLENGES to keep things EXCITING.

If you have an Australian website targeting keywords within Australia for first page Google search engine rankings then please email to see if we can work together.

Check out my LinkedIn Profile for a full summary of experience.

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